The Marvel Stars
The Marvel Stars
The Marvel Stars
The Marvel Stars

Pearls of Korea

The Marvel Stars

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The adorable decent star inspirational gazing frame makes these earrings more delightful to add to the dress code, Sharp and light in all forms with the availability of two gutsy colors.

Weight - 6 Grams
Size - 45mm x 14mm
Occasion - ( Party, Casual)
For Both Ears - 2 Pc Earring set
(The push back pin is made of silver (which is polished gold/rose gold) depending upon the product.)


Get Know me - I am a shinning Silver Earring. - Please Prevent me from being exposed to moisture -store me in a sealed bag or box in a dry, dark and cool place.. - I may tarnish over time due to oxygen and natural body oils. - I am delicate, handle me with care.